Every now and then is is handy to check the speed of an internet connection.

There a lots of websites around the internet that allow you to do this but each has their issues here is a handy script I found on the internet that does just that

its a python script so fairly portable, it will work on linux and MacOSX.

Basically copy this script to your cli run it and wait ..:0

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How I replicate my Bash enviroment circa 2008

Being a linux guy at heart, I normally use the bash environment, each time I logged in to a different server I needed to setup a completely new environment for bash. here is my original from 2008 ;)

At the top of your .bashrc script add this:

Each time you change something make sure you change the version and the date..

in your ~/bin directory create a bash script called profileupdate

$ cat profileupdate

Next create a file in ~/etc called accounts The format of this file is @

You need to make sure that you have added you ssh key to all of these accounts

$ ssh-copy-id @

You will have to give your password

make sure you can login with no password issue ssh @ you should login with your key only.

If this is a success then you are almost there.

run ~/bin/profileupdate


$ ./profileupdate

** quantrill@servername1 **
ssh: connect to host servername1 port 22: No route to host
Failed to create authorized_keys2 file on quantrill@servername1!

** quantrill@servername2 **
desert256.vim 100% 10KB 10.2KB/s 00:00
.vimrc 100% 23KB 23.4KB/s 00:00
.bashrc 100% 2984 2.9KB/s 00:00

here servername1 failed check ssh keys and if you can connect
servername2 was a success.

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Linux under subversion control

Below is the procedure to put linux machines under subversion control

First on the subversion server create a directory

All the work now is done on the workstation or server you wish to have under subversion control

First import the initial repository contents

Next checkout a copy from the subversion server, makesure you use a different name for the working-directory (simons-test-etc)

Now move and copy to allow the subversion controlled directory to become the primary directory on the machine

Check its under svn control

Make sure you can still use sudo!

Thats it the machine is now under subversion control any changes in the configuration can be tracked, this is the method/process however I am working on a centralised way in which we can track configuration changes.

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Cross compiling aprx for 32bit from 64bit host

I run aprx I-Gate for RF feed to aprs.is to support the local area network.

I develop on a 64 bit version of debian (Testing) but run the node on a 32bit version of stable. Here is my setup and package requirement

On the stable system you need to add the testing repo to the sources list

And install glib for the version on testing. This is to allow the cross compiled version to run without updating the host node to testing

On the 64 bit machine you need to supply 32bit compile flag to the autoconf tool

then its just a case of copying over the compiled binary to the host

restart the node and you now have the running version without the need to compile on a machine with low resources.

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